Friday, June 13, 2014

Garden House Lawrence

I have heard good things about Garden House in Lawrence and decided to try it for lunch today. No website but a menu can be found here.

I went with the L5 Kalbi Combo. The menu said Barbeque marinated short ribs. What come out was a bone with a smidgen of barbecued meat on it, the rest was a steamed heap of meat of unknown origin covered in something unknown. The salad was OK, not sure what the dressing was. The little app section in the middle had a very dry gyoza, a Japanese shumai and a tempura battered shrimp that had the same coating as the tempura to the right. Interesting enough, most of the tempura was squid arms but unfortunately they were all really chewy as was the tempura coating. Not sure how you make chewy and dry tempura coating but they certainly managed it here. I got three banchan, fishcakes, kimchi and another kimchi like root vegetable neither of them was in any way remarkable. Surprisingly considering the quality of my food, the place was filled with Korean people, I probably ordered the wrong dish.

It's a fairly small place but clean and bright inside.

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