Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spicepepper Garden Acton

Today's plan was to get to the prison in Concord without using any highways and that was doable. Unfortunately, the lunch offering wasn't too exciting so I continued to Spicepepper Garden in Acton instead. They had a sushi chef on duty but when a nearby table tried to order sushi it turned out that they had no sushi rice!

I know, another picture of an H&S soup but the soup is tasty and they are saving on plates by sticking the spring roll next to the soup.

I ordered the Dry-Braised Chicken in Hot Peppers from the lunch menu and was a bit surprised when this arrived. Normally dry braised or fried usually has a coating on the chicken but not here. It was marked as two peppers on the menu and is was deliciously hot!

Decided to go a bit further west (north?) towards Littleton and visit Bonsai West. Look at those gorgeous maples outside the entrance.

With my impeccable planning ahead scheme, they were naturally closed today so I only got a picture through the front door. This is a nice place to visit, they have some really impressive big trees here. I'm not buying, I have the thumb of death when it comes to growing things.

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