Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bonefish Grill Burlington

I had a $5 discount coupon for brunch that Bonefish Grill in Burlington sent me so it was time to check out the Sunday Brunch. The place was completely empty when I got there at noon and brunch starts at 10:00 so they must have been bored out of their minds.

Decided to splurge a bit and ordered a cup of the New England Clam Chowder ($3.30) as a starter. Pricing on the menu is written as 3.3, research has show that people are willing to spend more money if the dollar sign is omitted. The chowder was a tad salty but apart from the it was a generous cup of decent chowder.

This was brunch and the Bang Bang Shrimp Eggs Benedict with toasted English muffin, crispy shrimp, poached eggs, green onions + spicy Hollandaise sauce (9.9) sounded like a nice twist on the normal Eggs Benedict. For sides, you can have either steamed Asparagus or Potatoes au Gratin and I went with the potatoes. The eggs were hard-boiled so the plate was sent back with a request for poached eggs and I got a new plate. Now the shrimp was cold, probably the same ones that were on the original plate. The second batch of eggs was fine and I was pretty happy with this dish, very tasty. The Potatoes Au Gratin was VERY cheesy but cooked well. Normally there is no cheese in a Potatoes Au Gratin but I can live with this. The green onions as you can see was absent. Not sure why you get a steak knife with this meal, maybe for the hard-boiled eggs?

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