Saturday, August 16, 2014

Yard House Lynnfield

Perfect day for an outdoor lunch on this gorgeous Saturday at the Yard House in Lynnfield located in the Market Street complex in Lynnfield. I wasn't the only one thinking this was a nice day for a trip, Rte 128 was a parking lot going north today, but there is back roads as well.

GRILLED KOREAN BEEF SHORT RIB with spicy green papaya salad, lemon sriracha aïoli and red chili threads ($12.50). Same thing happened again when I ordered from the Street Taco section, the sides was again stone cold. I got the replacement and the rice were only lukewarm, but the beans were piping hot. I must admit that the tacos were excellent, really tasty as was the beans. Not impressed by the rice, it was nice the previous time when it was hot.

The outdoor seating is really pleasant. Saw sign of a Mexican place opening next door no idea who it is.

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