Friday, September 19, 2014

Sakura Winchester

Time for some all you can eat Sushi and other stuff at Sakura in Winchester on a coldish day.

All you can eat sushi ($14.95) is not a bad deal. The fish is fresh, not too much rice and good sized slices. In the background, you can see the tempura shrimp and the deep fried dumplings. The tempura scallops have already been eaten. I like the (real) tempura scallops here.

Second helping. A Maki roll of white tuna, spicy and crisp, was nice. I did eat way to much today. I asked Jay why there is never any wasabi on the nigiri and he said it is because it's too strong for the kids and a for a lot of customers. The solution, ask for it when ordering and the chef will be happy to make the nigiri the right way. It was much better this way.

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