Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beijing Chinese Dining Lexington

I went back to the recently opened Beijing Chinese Dining in Lexington to try something that the last time piqued my interest.

Chinese Muffin Stuffed with Pot Roast Pork or Beef ($7.95) here ordered with pork. This is what I got, no rice or soup was included. If you google the Chinese characters on the menu (肉夾饃) it translates to Rou jia mo or meat burger, and that's exactly what it was.

Inside is chopped pork with cilantro in a very dense and chewy bun. It was OK, not very exciting and the bun was too dense for me. I got here just before noon and the heat was off and it was freezing inside and didn't warm up for about 15 minutes so don't get here early on a cold day. I never understood why restaurants put names like "Yu Shiang Chicken" on the menu unless they are looking for a Chinese clientele only. How about Chicken in Garlic sauce? Maybe this is why they only had a couple tables going at lunchtime today.

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