Saturday, October 18, 2014

Origin Thai Bistro Tewksbury

Origin Thai Bistro in Tewksbury opened recently in a spot left by another longtime Thai restaurant, Tuk Tuk.

Interior isn't very exciting, but they had good quality furniture, and the big windows let in plenty of light.

I got a salad with my lunch order, and that was a nice surprise. It also had a very nice dressing, not the ordinary orange stuff but something tasty.

Drunken Noodle. ($7.95). Soft flat rice noodles with red & green bell peppers, onions, string beans, bamboo shoots and flavored with basil leaves. My choice of meat was pork, and it was nice and tender. You also get a crispy spring roll with your lunch. The crispy roll was good, with a nice dipping sauce. The whole dish was very nicely spiced with a nice kick from the two pepper marking. Veggies were nicely cooked, and there was tons of pork included, and the bamboo shots had been nicely julienned. A really nice rendering of another classic dish and an old favorite of mine.

Update. I went back here for lunch again the next day since I was in the area.

Duck Volcano ($10.95). Crispy boneless half duck served with steamed fresh vegetables, with a sweet chili and yellow onion sauce. This was supposed to be two peppers, and I also asked for it spicy, but it lacked heat and hence was way too sweet. The steamed veggies were broccoli, so that was another miss and to top it off, the duck was really really dry.

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