Monday, October 20, 2014

Punjab Arlington

Punjab in Arlington is my Monday Indian lunch restaurant. Lunch prices recently increased by a dollar but that was kind of expected, don't remember when the last increase was, and I have been going here for years.

Interior is very nice, and I like the little patio area next to the windows. Notice the crooked lamppost in the background. How drunk do you have to be to hit a lamppost in the sidewalk?

Today I just ordered an appetizer of the specials menu, but I got the lunch lentil soup anyway. Guess it pays to be a regular.

Chili Wings ($6.95) from the specials section of the menu. Breaded, then deep fried and finished off with a chili sauce. Perfectly cooked and really tender and juicy and HOT. They had a good kick, not deadly, but very nice.

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