Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WooRi Arlington

WooRi in Arlington is an Korean Fusion Grill that recently opened in a spot where numerous restaurant have failed over the years. It's off the main street and have low visibility. The name means "My Home" in Korean. They have a lunch specials menu that includes Bibimbap ($11) and Lunch Stew ($10) but I went for the lunch combo.

The lunch combo ($11) gives you a dozen choices for the main dish, I went with the Kalbi. Crosscut marinated beef short ribs that was really tasty and had a bit of a char to them. For the side dish I went for the Cucumber Kimchi that was really good and actually a bit spicy. It was suggested that I put the beef, rice and sesame paste into a lettuce leaf and eat it that way but that doesn't really work when the meat is bone in.

My Special snack of choice was the Crispy Potato Ball, fluffy mash with corn and peas. it was good and very light and was brought out after the rest.

After your meal you get a cup of cold cinnamon tea. Not to excited about teas but it was OK.

Interior was nice and bright even on a crummy day like today. The hostess station is on the opposed end from the front door. There was another customer there when I arrived and he raved about the Spicy Squid so I have to try that. I'm also curious about the Pork Belly as a main dish. The menu also had a section called Kkass that I couldn't figure out and neither could Google but it's the Korean word for cutlet. I asked about the lack of Banchan and asked if it was included in the dinner dishes and she said it was and added that if I wanted it for lunch I could just ask and they would be happy to bring some out. She said that they don't do it by default since so many people don't want it and it's just wasted.

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