Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Udupi Nashua NH

This used to be Udupi Bhavan and was part of a family owned chain. They are now all individually owned and this one is now called Udupi and might have changed owners again. Still a strictly vegetarian restaurant but the website also mentions Chinese..

It's tucked in into a small plaza (Sun Plaza) just off DW Highway in Nashua. There has been some sort of Indian restaurant here for forever.

They do a daily lunch buffet ($9.95) and while not very extensive what they have is really flavorful and well seasoned. There was a delicious salad to the left and also a soup. Condiments are to the far right.

The green beans had a nice kick to them as did the salad. Everything is really fresh and well seasoned.

A Dosa is also included, this is the Masala Dosa (spicy) and I must admit that it was a bit of a miss. A very meager amount of filling and it lacked crispness and also was missing part of the dosa itself. The amount of potatoes that was there was nicely seasoned. Despite this it was a really nice meal and even if we had a carafe of water on the table, the water glasses were refilled promptly.

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