Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Capital Grille Burlington

It's Christmas Eve, and a splurge is in order for lunch, and the Capital Grille in Burlington can certainly provide that. Christmas Eve is really the big day in Sweden, today we watch Donald Duck with Friends Celebrate Christmas, a tradition that goes back to the 1950's, and then we open the presents followed by Christmas dinner where you can find things like pickled herring (ick), lutefisk (dry salted cod served with wallpaper glue), ham and other goodies.

Extra extra Dry Tanqueray Martini, straight up with a twist makes a good starter.

Lobster and Crab burger ($$) with homemade tartar sauce and Parmesan and Truffle fries. The fries were excellent and really tasty and cooked well. The burger was also very good, maybe and bit too crispy on the bottom, but lot's of crab without too many binders. The lobster part was mainly knuckle meat but delicious anyway.

I think the bar area is the best part of the restaurant, at least they have nicely dressed waitresses as opposed to the servers with their ill-fitting jackets in the dining room.

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