Friday, January 16, 2015

WooRi Arlington

When I had the Kimchi Stew at WooRi in Arlington, I was told that I should try the Tofu Stew especially if I like spicy dishes. And guess what? I do.

Today's selection on Banchan. Top left was an excellent, and spicy, Bok Choy kimchi. On the bottom was Broccoli, not a favorite veggie of mine, but I could eat a plateful of this. Next was garlic and green onion, and after trying it I thought I had misheard but the garlic was pickled and was just crunchy with a very mild garlic flavor. It was very interesting and up there with the best of them. Spicy onion, crunchy with a bit of heat. Fermented black beans with walnut, another interesting combo.

Lunch Special Soft Tofu Stew with beef ($10) was HOT temperature wise and also had a nice amount of spiciness, and there was soft boiled egg hidden that you break up and mix in with the stew. Not a fan of tofu but I now have two dishes with tofu that I actually enjoy. The other one is MaPo Dofu in various Chinese restaurants.

In the middle of all this, she brought out a few pieces of radish pancake that Grandma has just made and asked if I wanted to try it? Of course I wanted, and this was another winner, soft and crunchy and really tasty.

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