Thursday, March 19, 2015

BonChon Lowell

BonChon in Lowell was kind of on my route for today in a bit of a roundabout way.

Lunch Special Bonchon Chicken ($7.95) and this is the combo deal, 4 wings and two drums, half soy and garlic and half spicy with the deliciously coated fries. You have a number of choices for the sides, but after trying the fries, I have a hard time giving them up. The chicken is still good, nice and crisp on the outside, and moist inside and the spicy half was actually spicy. The soy and garlic could do with more garlic. Last time I was here my credit card got severely overcharged, and I never keep my copy of the slip, but today I did so I'm assuming that the charge will be correct.

The inside at lunch time and again almost empty, one other table occupied, and it looked to be very slow on the takeout section as well. Too bad, I think it's a really good value at lunchtime, but it's kind of really out of the way.

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