Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cafe Escadrille Burlington

After I saw that Cafe Escadrille in Burlington was serving sushi for lunch Wed to Sat, I couldn't wait to try it. It was really a surreal experience ordering sushi here in this New England bastion.

Chirashi Sushi ($13.85 on the menu, $13.95 on the bill). This contained Chef’s selection of sashimi on a bed of seasoned rice. This was a big bowl, the usual culprits including some rare seared tuna, octopus (chewy) and some sliced white fish next to the tuna and I have no idea what it was. A number of pickled veggies plus some finely minced pickled veggies on top of the rice as well. The rice was nice and at the right temperature and overall I was surprised how nice this was, and I'm really surprised to say this, but I might be back for this dish again.

This brought out a smile, they give you chopstick helpers!

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