Thursday, April 23, 2015

Holi Bedford

Holi Indian Restaurant in Bedford opened last week in the space formerly occupied by Dalya's. Dalya's closed after being open for 20 years, and the owners thought it was time to retire. Holi is owned by the same people that operate the delightful Zaika Indian Bistro in Woburn center, and if the food is as good here as it is at Zaika, Bedford is in for a real treat.

Holi is located at Bedford Farms next to an ice cream stand. I don't think they will get much business from the buffet customers. 

The lunch buffet ($12) is on the expensive side, BUT the buffet is really big. The steam trays have windows in the lid but, of course, everyone is still lifting the lid to see the food.

The room is well lit, and you get both linen tablecloths and linen napkins. The bar from Dalya's is still there.

But what about the food? Everything was really fresh and delicious. The lamb daal, bottom left, was just about the best daal I have had, thick and rich and very flavorful, and the same can be said for the Saag Mushrooms above it. The mushrooms were fresh and not overcooked. The big samosa was tasty as well. The Chipotle Chicken was dry, and I pointed that out to the manager, and the next batch that arrived was cooked perfectly. No big deal, they just opened last week. The Fish Pakora wasn't too dry, and the Tandoori Chicken was moist and really appetizing. Fresh naan, either plain or garlic, is served at the table. There were also papads available on the buffet. For my second visit, I got the improved Chipotle Chicken, Saag and the Daal. The buffet was so big that I probably skipped about half of the dishes available. Service was very good, my water glass refilled promptly and the manager was walking around making sure everything was OK. They were also quite busy at lunchtime today.

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