Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Great Chow Malden

The Great Chow in Malden opened late last year and, I just heard about it and couldn't wait to try their lunch specials.

Twice Cooked Pork ($7.75) was pork belly that was nice and tender with too many leeks and not enough sliced hot peppers and, as a result, the dish was just mildly spicy, but the pork belly was really nice and tender. I asked if the fried rice was light and the waitress said yes but I don't think she understood so what I got was the heavy dark soy fried rice that I really detest. It was really way darker than what the photo shows. I was hoping for something like what I get at Beijing Chinese Dining in Arlington but no such luck. Well, now I know.

I ordered two lunches and the second one was the Cheng-Du Spicy Chicken, and despite being a bit on the orange side, this was really a good dish. The chicken was very lightly battered and deep fried and really tender. Notice that the dry chilies are broken open.

Hot & Sour soup was good but mostly just hot but there was vinegar on the table, and that helped to balance out the soup a bit.

Yes, that's the color of the dividing wall, but the room itself is light and airy with the tables nicely spaced apart. Service was friendly and prompt, and the waitress spoke perfect English. There are free on street parking.

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