Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Godavari Woburn

I heard that Godavari in Woburn opened in Cummings Park in the same area as Ambassador Indian Restaurant and I was curious as to what would happen to them. Well, when I got there for lunch today it turns out that they have taken over Ambassadors old location so that answers that.

They offer a lunch buffet ($11.99) that is bigger than what I remember from Ambassador, but I haven't frequented them for years, and the interior is the same. I got seated below a tv where the sound at times approached 100% distortion. This will not happen again. Apps and vegetarian dishes to the left and protein in the middle.

They have shards of papads, is this a new trend?, but both the Spinach Pakora and the Mysore Bonda was excellent. I really liked the crisp Bonda with its fluffy interior. The Sambar soup was also really tasty even if the veggies was cut a bit too big. Not too happy with having to use a styrofoam cup.

Chicken Biryani was good, but the Tomato Dal (in the cup) was excellent even if it was a bit on the salty side, Beans Poriyal (cold) was tasty but very mushy, Chicken 555 had a good amount of heat but was on the drier side, Ajwani Chicken Kabab was nice and tender but was marginally undercooked close to the bone, Chicken Khurma was nice and flavorful and cooked on the bone. Overall it was nice but I'll give them some time to settle in before I go back. Surprisingly you only get a spoon and fork and have to ask for a knife. The naan was served fresh at the table and was also excellent, really light and fluffy. Someone mentioned that you would get a dosa at the table, but that never happened. Turns out that this was for the weekend buffet.

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