Friday, August 28, 2015

AKA Bistro Lincoln

I went back to AKA Bistro in Lincoln to try this week's Dine Out menu since I had such a pleasant first visit.

I started with Salmon paté and artichoke with blue cheese and caramelized onion fondue. Unfortunately, the fondue was so strong with the blue cheese that it overpowered the salmon pate. The artichokes were very tasty but had too much fibrous stuff left on so it was hard to eat them. The fondue on the bread was really tasty.

Mains was the House made Summer sausage with grilled corn and lime ash sour cream. This was really good with some cheese to put on top of the corn. The big slices are watermelon radishes. How do you eat corn on the cob without picking it up and go for it? I was sitting at the counter today so I couldn't see what other patrons did.

Dessert was Fruits tart with piment d’Espelette ice cream. This was also very good with a very light puff pastry at the bottom and a really tasty ice cream. Thanks to a fellow driver I didn't get a speeding ticket in a 30 mph zone. I'm looking forward to trying their daily Menu du Jour and the Executive Menu.

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