Monday, August 31, 2015

Zaika Woburn

With all the new Indian Restaurants opening in Woburn and Burlington, I think that Zaika Indian Bistro in Woburn is one of the best. Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington is also very very good, but only vegetarian and everything apart from the bread and the dosa is self-service. For a dollar less, at Zaika you get a full-service buffet with linen napkins, impeccably dressed waiters, choice of garlic or plain naan. Not to forget, you also get an owner who actually cares and cheerful staff.

Lunch Buffet ($8.95) started with a delicious Vegetarian Samosa and a few pieces of Fish Pakora that were lightly coated and cooked perfectly. I lucked out today because they had Tandoori Chicken Wings on the buffet and there is nothing better. The garlic Naan was light and with enough garlic on it.

I forgot to take pictures of the labels, but here we have another Chicken Wing, a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer, Yellow Dal and Kidney Beans. I usually skip the Tikka Masala since most offerings are just meh but decided to make an exception today. Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned really well and that's not too common on a buffet. For the price, this small but select buffet is a steal. They were also really busy at lunch today, but the staff kept the buffet spotless.

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