Sunday, September 20, 2015

FuLoon Beverly

FuLoon in Malden has spawned a sister restaurant in Beverly with the same name that opened about a month ago. They are located in downtown Beverly and if you go on a Sunday for lunch, parking can be tricky with two churches across the street.

They only have a temporary banner outside and they are also still working on their liquor license.

The owner, Matthew, told me that they did very few changes inside. It looked good with quality furniture and booths.

Beautiful front desk. Somebody spent a lot of money here. They have free Wifi available.

All the favorite dishes from Malden are still on the menu with a few newcomers added, like "Fish Piece with Special Black Bean Sauce, Jumbo Shrimp with Vegetable Light Sauce and Scallops with a Special Sauce". This is the Cold Garlic Cucumber ($6.95) appetizer. This was good and despite the name, not too garlicky, but I think it was a bit overpriced.

A classic from Malden, Steamed Beef, Szechuan Style ($14.95). An enormous cauldron appears (Sorry, I'm finishing off the last of the Tiffany Aching books) looking very fierce with chilies floating around. It was marked as very spicy on the menu and the waiter also warned me but what come out was just spicy but very very tasty and delicious. When I was done, there is at least one more dinner in there.

They have very nice china and this also shows off the food a little bit better. Yes, there is chili oil involved, no surprise there. The beef was nice and tender without being mushy and from the texture, I think it was lean brisket. The food is still very good, but it's a bit far to travel and they also have a very small lunch menu with only eight offerings with nothing interesting, apart from the Mapo Tofu with beef ($7.95). Update: After having the leftover beef for dinner, I have to change my opinion. This was seriously spicy! 

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  1. We have dined 5 times in the past three weeks. The food is of high quality and taste. Carry out too.
    Looking forward to working my way down the menu. MJW