Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Redbones Somerville

Redbones Barbeque is located in Davis Square in Somerville and I have been going here since they opened in 1987. Back then this was THE place for BBQ mainly because there wasn't anyone else who did real BBQ, e.g. low and slow. They are still in business and that should tell you something about the quality of their food. Of course, they also have a good beer selection and are open and serve food really late.

There is on-street parking and also a community lot behind them.

The sign at the door is really cool and they still do valet bike parking, after all, this is Somerville.

The Lunch Special ($10.99). "1/4 st louis rack & 2 sides". For my sides, I picked Collared Greens and Baked Beans, you have to go with the classics, right? The ribs had a nice bark and smoke ring and were really tender and had a nice flavor. The Collared Greens was well cooked and had a bit of tang to them. The beans were strange, very sweet but with a nice kick to them so I went ick! this is too sweet but wait it tastes really good. In the end, I finished off all the beans.

Nothing fancy about the interior. I, of course, took the wrong door and ended up in the bar but remembered my way around.

The place to be is up at the counter so that you can look into the kitchen and see all the dishes being prepped.

Yes, cooking with real wood fire, this was mostly used for reheating since all the BBQ is pre-cooked. I saw them cook burgers on the grill and they actually seasoned the burgers. What a concept!

This is the way to the Underbones.

I don't remember the Underbones looking like this way back then, but I don't think I was ever down here sober.

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