Friday, December 11, 2015

Gin U Dee Stoneham

First, thanks to treb who set this up and gave me the chance to taste a fantastic dish at Gin U Dee in Stoneham. It was also nice to meet you both and putting a face to a name.

This is the dish, Khao Mun Kai or Steamed Garlic Rice with Salty Chicken and it's not on the menu. The dish takes two days to prep and make and the rice was very very fragrant and tasty and the chicken was unbelievably tender and good just eating it plain but when you add the dark spicy sauce the dish really comes into its own.

A chicken soup made from the broth that the chicken simmered in is also included. The lump you see in there is daikon, but it was soo mild I had to ask what it was. All of this was a whopping $9.95 including tax.

They have added seating and the too low window bench is gone and the heat was on. They can probably seat about 14 people now. Last time I was here I had to do takeout since it was freezing inside. I'll be back more often now.

The owner(s) are so passionate about their food and are so happy talking about it and brought out this. What is it? It's a Thai Eggplant that was used in another delicious dish and it had a really nice texture after it was cooked.

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