Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paani Sudbury

This week's quest for my Indian lunch took me back to Sudbury for a visit to Paani and I saw on their website that they serve THALI for lunch and I was curious as to what I would get.

They are located in the same plaza as FuGaKyu where I had a nice lunch a little while back. Another day of almost 60 degrees and blazing sunshine.

I was a bit surprised when I saw how small they were. 20 seats and that's it. Nice and bright inside with linen table cloths and napkins.

This was a surprise since it wasn't mentioned on the menu. A nice small salad with a tasty lentil soup that, unfortunately, was only lukewarm.

This is the lunch Thali ($12) and I picked Chicken Vindaloo. "Boneless cubes of spring chicken and potatoes cooked in a spicy hot ginger, garlic and onion sauce" and Brinjal Bharta. "Eggplant roasted in our tandoor offers a perfect, smoky flavor. The skinless eggplant is then sautéed with green chilies, onions, tomatoes and chopped garlic. Delicately seasoned by adding pomegranate powder and freshly ground spices then garnished with chopped coriander leaves and tomatoes". You also get the Dal of the day, basmati rice and naan. I picked Tandoori Chicken (dark meat, please) for my appetizer. The chicken vindaloo was nice and spicy but lacked the acidity of a good vindaloo and the meat was all white meat, but nice and tender. The Dal was really nice and tasty, The eggplant was excellent and really tasty. The Tandoori chicken was reheated but was also tasty. The naan was light and flavorful. A lot of food and overall a very pleasant lunch (and dinner).

Paani - Pure Indian Cuisine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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