Thursday, January 28, 2016

All Seasons Table Malden

What cuisine could a restaurant called All Seasons Table in Malden be serving? A bit to my surprise it turned out the be Chinese. They label themselves as Modern Asian Cuisine and that translates to American/Chinese with Sushi.

They are located on the busy Pleasant Street in Malden and parking can be tricky but they do validate from the nearby parking garage.

Inside is sleek and modern with a really big bar and you can see the Sushi Chefs at the far end.

The dining area. The tables in the middle are pretty close together. The restaurant is actually twice the size, with the area on the other side of the wall being closed off during lunch.

They do serve from the lunch menu seven days a week. Two choices of soup and this is the Hot & Sour soup. The soup might look light but it was surprisingly good and really hot and sour. This was an excellent start to my lunch. Knife and fork were the default but I'm sure I would have gotten chopsticks if asked. Maybe this is what they mean by modern?

For my mains, I picked the Crispy Cod Fish ($10.95) w/ Black Bean or Basil Garlic Sauce. I went for the Basil Garlic Sauce since it was marked as spicy. You have a selection of apps and my selection was, naturally, the chicken wing and it was an actual wing. The chicken wing was nice and crisp on the outside and really tender and juicy. The reddish thing up top was for the wing I found out after asking my waiter. I tasted it and I have no idea what it tasted off, so I skipped that. One piece of the fish was actually crisp, the rest of them was just soggy but the sauce was tasty with bot basil and garlic being present. Overall I was very happy with my lunch. Service was friendly but the temp in the restaurant could have been cranked up a notch.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying all of your Malden stops! Don't forget to have some Ethiopian food while you're there if you haven't already.