Monday, January 18, 2016

Brelundi Waltham

Brelundi in Waltham is located close to the commuter rail stop and opened early last year. They are located on Felton Street, but not really, take the next street into the station area and you will find the real entrance. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

They have a number of reserved parking spaces near the entrance. I must admit that it took me a few seconds to figure out the name, I first thought it was just a good 'ole Italian name.

Nice well-lit interior and they also sell imported Sicilian items that can be found on the right. New updated menu are due out soon, Burgers have been added.

Smallish dine-in area with table and counter seating. They are set to open a second location on Cresent Street that will have a much bigger dining area and will seat about 65 with a full bar and patio. 

All the food is made fresh and from hand me down Sicilian recipes. Here we have two breakfast Arancini's. Spinach, Egg and Cheese to the left and Sausage, Egg and Cheese to the right. They were super light and crunchy and both fillings were delicious. I think these was my favorites of all the dishes that was tried.

Breakfast pizza, nothing wrong with pizza in the mornings, right? Breakfast Pizza with Mozzarella Cheese, Bechamel Sauce, Eggs and Spinach. The pizza was excellent with a very thin crust that was still super crisp. This is something I have missed since leaving France.

The Caponata was tangy and really tasty.

The Panelle, Chickpea Fritters, was new to me and really a delightful surprise, super light but lots of flavor and texture.

The breakfast Frittata with Potato, Veg and Cheese was also nice and light and a nice departure from the normal super thick frittatas.

Here's is the famous Iris that have been a resounding success. A Brioche Bun filled with imported sheep's milk ricotta, lemon zest and chocolate and then breaded and cooked to a crispy golden brown and dusted with cinnamon sugar. It's like a donut on steroids.

The imported sodas are very low in sugar and have nice fizz. Of course, they make an excellent Espresso and by the way, there is no X in Espresso.

Gelato anyone? All gelatos are made fresh in-house.

Assorted desserts. The Cannoli Shells are imported from Sicily.

Iris's being made in the prep kitchen downstairs. They are normally served hot but can be enjoyed at any temperature. I must say that all the food was prepared really well and tasted great. Keep an eye on their Facebook page, not only will they open the second location soon but a couple of hotels! are also in the works.

Disclaimer: The food was by courtesy of Brelundi, but all opinions are my own.

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