Saturday, February 6, 2016

China Star Lowell

China Star in Lowell on Middlesex St is the second location of this local chain and they do a daily Dim Sum offering starting at 09:00 AM.

They are located in a newly built building (2013) with dedicated parking but they get seriously busy on the weekends so parking can be tight. Yep, it snowed yesterday.

They have a poster in the outside window showing the available dim sum items. I think you can get a dim sum menu inside as well.

It's a big spacious area inside with plenty of bar seating available.

The other side had mostly round tables for family seating but there was plenty of two-tops available next to the wall. Dim Sum arrives in the steam cart and you point and pick. Their English was a bit lacking.

The obligatory Baby Backs with Black Bean was excellent. Price? You have no idea until it comes time to pay. Medium items were priced at $3.75, Large at 4.25, Special at $4.95 and Top at $6.95.

The Beef Balls was tender and nice.

The Chicken Feet must have moved since they are out of focus, sorry. They were excellent, really nice and very tasty. Cudos to the high schooler in our party, who not only tried them but then had a few more.

The sticky rice was, well sticky, with some dry pork bits mixed in.

Fried Shrimp and Chive Dumpling were also much appreciated.

The pork shumai was the real deal with a shrimp on top.

The Lobster Dumpling was the expensive Top item at $6.95 but it was good with plenty of lobster.

The Shrimp Cake with Taro was a really big shrimp cake with crispy taro on the outside. One of my favorites. Their chili oil was also really good. The prices were OK but I was surprised that they charged $2 for the tea, especially since they just delivered it to the table. I was afraid that they would be swamped since Chinese New Year is on this Monday but they was just very busy. This location is not to be confused with the original one on Broadway where I still get my roasted pork belly from even if it now have gone up to $9.75/Lbs.

The Broadway location has all their roasted items on display.

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