Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Fuddruckers Reading

Fuddruckers in Reading is located inside Jordans Furniture and since I was going to the Imax 3D cinema for the almost last showing of the new Star Wars movie I decided to have lunch here.

Pretty large area and the service is cafeteria style and they give you a buzzer and when it goes off, you pick up your food.

All of it sounds good but can they cook it?

All the condiments you could ever wish for. They even have little cups in case you want to dip your fries in some mayo.

This I really liked. You pick the toppings you want and put them WERE you want them on the burger.

The 1/2 Lbs Burger ($5.99) is ready. Nicely toasted bun and the patty looks good as well. If you add fries or onion rings, you are at about ten dollars. I rather add another five and go for a steakhouse burger.

I like my burger simple. So far, everything looks good but the medium rare burger I ordered was half well done and the other half was medium well, so this was a pretty epic fail as far as the cooking goes. How did it taste? It was well seasoned, I give them that, but lacked beef flavor. The bun was really good, light and fluffy and stood up to the burger well.

They do a few more things than just burgers and they also serve beer and wine. How was the movie? Fricking outstanding!

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