Monday, February 8, 2016

Godavari Woburn

For this week's Indian Lunch Buffet adventure I headed to Godavari in Woburn. I didn't know that they were a chain but they now have four locations in the US.

Yes, snowing again and it was seriously slippery out there and a really interesting drive. Luckily it was just a short one.

They offer a really wide variety of dishes on the buffet ($11.99). There are more dishes to the left.

The Rasam soup was nice both tart and spicy at the same time. Chili Potatoes was good but a bit uneven as far as the chili goes. The Utthapam (top left) was excellent with some onion and chili mixed in. To the right is a Cut Mirchi and the turned out to be a nice deep fried chili pepper. They also have Papads in pieces available. Naan is now on the buffet and there was no Dosa offered today.

Methi Chicken Kabab is what they called the Tandoori chicken (bottom). It was tender and juicy. To the left is the Goat curry (on the bone) that was really tender and spicy. Above that is the Sesmi Chicken that was spicy and tender. Spinach Dal was really tasty with a little bit of heat included. Cabbage Poriyal is a favorite of mine and really tasty. I skipped more than half of the offerings, this is aa really extensive buffet and I can only eat so much. You still don't get a knife but my water glass was promptly refilled and dirty dishes vanished quickly. They also manage to keep the food hot on the buffet.

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