Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Viet Thai Lowell

Viet Thai in Lowell are located on the busy Merrimack Street with only metered parking with a minimum $2 if you are using a CC.

This was always a good alternative to the always excellent South East Asia restaurant around the corner. They have since closed but are open under new ownership and name.

The non-vegetarian side of the buffet. There is also Vietnamese "Goi Cuon" spring rolls wrapped in fresh rice paper off to the right. The rolls used to come with both pork and shrimp for the buffet but now there is only pork, noodles and scarce vegetables. I was only there briefly since I was doing take-out but the buffet seemed to be refilled promptly. Nothing is labeled, so you take your chances.

The vegetarian side with the two kinds of soup. The buffet is still $7.95 for dining in.

Since I'm a small eater, I figured that takeout is my best bet and I will get food for dinner as well. Today's loot included two Vietnamese "Goi Cuon" spring rolls with the delicious peanut dipping sauce (up top). The crispy fried chicken wings are a favorite here. The two fried spring rolls didn't fare so good in the container but despite that they were still delicious. Not sure why I put two Rangoon's in there but to my surprise, they were really tasty. The Fried Chicken legs were also really good and juicy. I think there is a piece of General Gau's chicken in there. To the right, there is a heap of delicious pork belly that I also used to fill up gaps in the box. There is also some fried rice underneath the rolls. The fried rice turned out to an excellent Thai Basil Fried Rice. I'm the king of the takeout box, remember that there is also vertical space in the box. The rule here is that the box has to close. Not a bad deal for $9.09 with tax rounded down to $9. Minimum CC charge is $10.

The dining room with the buffet. The buffet used to be where the tables in the bottom of the picture are and was accessible from two sides but have now been moved to the back wall.

The entrance dining room. Of course, everyone is sitting in the other room since that's where the buffet is.

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