Friday, February 26, 2016

Golden Ginger Wilmington

Golden Ginger in Wilmington is set back from Rte 38 quite a bit so they can be hard to find. No sign today of the friendly hostess. It's been quite awhile since I stopped by here for their Curried Chicken that is now named Currie Chicken on the menu.

Not a very prominent location.

I decided to take a seat at the Sushi Bar today. Sushi in Wilmington? Yes, I know but I'm brave.

The interior really looks like something from the 80's. They don't seem to serve in the nice window area and it seems to have morphed into an area for the manager to hang out.

Miso Soup and a Green salad are included. The soup was on the salty side but at least, it tasted of something. The salad was nice and even had some crunchy onions included.

I went with the Chirashi Sushi ($14.95). "Assorted Seafood on Seasoned Rice." The fish was nice even if it was way too cold and the octopus was really tender. Not sure what the white slices to the right was, didn't really taste of anything. The rice lacked seasoning and was also too cold and had dried-out kernels of rice mixed in and was also slightly undercooked. I got just about what I expected so I can't really complain. 

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  1. If the fish was good at a sushi restaurant, that's 80% of the battle. It's too bad that restaurants don't always focus on the smaller details that clientele notice