Thursday, March 17, 2016

Harrington's Wakefield

Harrington's in Wakefield is my closest Irish Pub and they were having a lunch special today on this sunny and warm St Patrick's Day.

I wasn't really surprised that parking was scarce today but I finally found a spot in the square.

The downstairs was absolutely packed and I was even early for my lunch but they put me in the nice upstairs dining room that I haven't seen before. It wasn't this empty for long.

I bet that you could guess what the lunch special was? CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE of course! "Red corned beef, carrots, red potatoes, turnip, and cabbage, in a savory broth." Normally $13.50 but today only $9 at lunchtime. The corned beef (red, of course, only heathens eat the gray stuff) was tender and tasty and all the veggies were really well cooked with nothing being overcooked. I must admit that I was impressed and even more so when I saw that there was Grey Poupon mustard on the table. What a nice St Patrick's lunch and I'll be back next year.

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