Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Davio'S Lynnfield

I had to go back to Davio'S in Lynnfield to try the rest of the Boston Dine Out menu.

They are easy to get to in the Market Street Complex in Lynnfield with plenty of parking.

Much to my delight, the house made potato chips was again present in the bread basket. They were sorely missed on my Sunday Lunch visit.

The "Crispy Calamari, Cherry Peppers, Lemon Aioli and Marinara Sauce" is the best thing ever! Perfectly cooked crispy and tender calamari, both legs and body, with two excellent and tasty dipping sauces. The cherry peppers are seriously hot. The marinara sauce was super light and refreshing.

My second course was the "Seared Atlantic Salmon Roasted Potatoes, Baby Greens, Goat's Milk Feta." I asked for the salmon to be medium rare and it come out perfectly cooked. The salad was delicious! Did I just say that? The potatoes was a tad overcooked but apart from that, I was very happy.

The dessert was the weakest point on my last visit so I hoped that the other choice "Strawberry Shortcake Sundae Macerated Strawberries" would be better but it wasn't to be. The whipped cream, macerated strawberries and the ice cream on the bottom were all fine but the shortcake was bone dry and not very pleasant to eat.

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