Friday, March 25, 2016

Sakura Winchester

Despite the rain and the gray sky, I headed over to Sakura in Winchester for some AYCE Sushi and stuff. After all, it's Good Friday, so some fish are in order, right?

Look at that angry sushi chef in the window!

It's small but they usually have two chefs on duty plus the staff in the kitchen.

The Tempura Shrimp wasn't the best today. The batter was really thick and almost chewy.

The Spicy White Fish Maki with Crunch were good with big pieces of fish and not too spicy. The Salmon and Tuna Nigiri was served with the rice at the proper temperature and decent sized pieces of fish. You get good value for the AYCE sushi ($14.95) here and Jay is always happy to see me and even remembers my name and I only go here occasionally.

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