Thursday, May 12, 2016

C.K. Pearl Essex

I was surprised at how close Essex was, I thought it was much further away but it took just over half an hour to get to C.K. Pearl in Essex. Of course, on a Friday or on the weekend, the travel time might be a bit longer but it was a nice drive as soon as I got off Rte 128.

They are located almost opposite the famous Woodman's that I must confess to never have visited. C.K have their own private parking lot, so parking is not an issue.

The nice and spacious main dining room.

Covered patio seating and this was the busiest part at lunch today.

And the best seating, outside with a delightful view of the water. This is really the first warm day we have had in a long time and I was determined to enjoy it.

Started with their renowned Clam Chowda (small $6). "Pork belly, potato and crispy clam strips". Excellent chowder with plenty of tender clams and the crispy strips was a very pleasant addition as was the pork belly. The potato part was upgraded with fried crispy potatoes. This was actually worth the trip alone.

Crispy Ribs ($14) with French Fries and coleslaw. This is what the St Louis BBQ ribs are called at lunch and I guess that this is reheated ribs left over from dinner. They tasted excellent with nice smokey meat but they were slightly mushy from the reheat but had retained some of the bark on the outside. There is a fine line between really tender and mushy and they were just over. Really tasty and light fries and a big heap of them as well. The coleslaw was just OK. Service was very pleasant and you can't beat the view.

Outside on the side resides a real smoker, so the BBQ is certainly for real.

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