Friday, May 13, 2016

Très Petite Crêperie Lexington

Très Petite Crêperie in Lexington opened recently and are located behind Beijing Chinese Dining and parking is only a quarter for an hour.

You can enter from the front or the back and they also have a couple tables outside.

The menu is on the blackboard and savory crepes run about $10 but I got all excited when I saw that they had Poutine and even better, Bacon Poutine.

Minuscule kitchen and they also have few tables and window counter seating.

The aforementioned Bacon Poutine ($6.95) was an appetizer sized portion served in a paper boat. I knew it would be tater tots so that didn't surprise me but the absence of gravy did. There was literally only three drops in a corner. If there ever was any curds present, there was only melted cheese left after the trip to the microwave. The bacon was good and still crispy but paying a buck a piece for tater tots doesn't make me happy at all. I probably should have tried a crepe but found them to be on the expensive side. There was also a massive confusion when I tried to order, so I'll give them time to settle before returning.

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  1. Hi. I've just joined your blog, because I enjoyed reading a few reviews you did. I like that you go to local places - some mid-price - and several that I would probably visit myself. This review is fair. I like how you did not slam them, but also shared your valid disappointments. (I will say that the picture of the chalk board gave me the immediate impression that perhaps they weren't organized and the experience did not go well. "How you do one thing is how you do everything" as my mentor used to say. In any event, please keep up the level-headed, thorough posting and clear writing.

  2. I love this place and think you should give it another try! The crepes are delicious. Support small business in Lexington, we don't have too many!