Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WooRi Arlington

I was going to Snappy Pattys in Medford but what used to be free parking is now metered, so I left since I refuse to use their newfangled infernal parking meters. Instead, I went to the delightful WooRi Korean Fusion Grill in Arlington.

The renovation of the facade is finally done, there was scaffolding hiding the restaurant forever and I'm sure that was not good for the business but now it looks really good with the new awning.

Today's banchan offering, all made by the grandmother. I especially like the steamed cabbage (top left) and even ate the sweet carrots. The kimchi was seriously spicy and the kale was also excellent.

Lunch portion of Kimchi Stew ($11) "With Pork or Without Pork." With pork, of course, and it also comes with rice on the side. This was hot squared but very very tasty but not for the faint of heart. What a delightful lunch!

The interior is fairly small but nice and bright from the big windows. They were packed at lunch today, good to see them being busy. This is a really tough spot for a restaurant but at least they have on-street free parking.

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