Friday, September 9, 2016

Sichuan Taste Malden

Another visit to Sichuan Taste in Malden to try some more dishes from the 50ish items on the lunch menu. They do serve from the lunch menu seven days a week. Should be interesting to see how long that will last.

The Spicy Shredded Potato ($7.95) is a dish that I had bad luck with before since it usually comes with the potatoes way undercooked and they taste of raw potato. I like potatoes, so I decided to give the dish another chance and the potatoes come out perfectly cooked, still with a bit of texture but they didn't taste raw and they were nicely spiced. Even the red chili peppers were tasty. You also get nice chopsticks even if the polished ones make it harder to get a good grip on the food.

A two dish lunch again and the second one was the Salt and Pepper Spareribs. Deep fried and with a nice S&P crust on the outside. Their fried rice is also very good and seasoned well, not the soy-laden monstrosity you can get at lesser establishments. I really dislike driving to Malden for a variety of reasons, but it's currently such a food mecca that I have to resign myself to a lot more visits.

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