Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Porch Wakefield

It's time to try the Brunch offerings at The Porch in Wakefield. They serve brunch on Sundays 10-2.

Tables get moved around and a beer list has been added over the beer cooler. The blackboard menu is currently being updated with the new menu. The meatloaf is back and some more BBQ items are being offered.

I have never had Fried Green Tomatoes ($5) so when I spotted them on the menu, I had to try them. Nice and crunchy cornmeal coating on the outside and firm tomatoes on the inside. They were a bit tart and I liked them well enough. They were served with a buttermilk dipping sauce.

Smoked Lamb Hash ($12). "Onions, Red Bliss Potatoes, two eggs any style." The hash was excellent and well seasoned with a ton of lamb and onions but where are the potatoes? Turns out it was shredded bliss potatoes that completely disappeared in the lamb hash. I expected bigger chunks. The hash got even better after breaking the poached eggs over it. A very tasty dish but when are they going to get rid of the paper plates and the plastic utensils?

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