Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sichuan Taste Malden

Well, no more chance to try the 55 dishes on their lunch menu since the menu was revised this week. They now have "just" 36 items left and all are priced at 8 and no more lunches on the weekend. This wasn't really a surprise, I had expected this to happen. You can also get a combo lunch for 14 that includes a refresher, appetizer and a main. All items in the menu are now priced in even dollar amounts and not a dollar sign in sight. Studies have shown that when omitting the dollar sign and having prices without fractions, people spend more. Dishes are now priced depending on the protein, so for example, all chicken dishes are $12. There were some interesting items on the menu, like Pork Northern Style that nobody could explain what it was. "It's regional style," yes but what is it? "It's how they cook in that region," in the end, nobody including the manager could explain what I would get. They also have Beef Aorta and I had to ask if that was a misprint and it wasn't. There were a few more items whose names didn't make any sense whatsoever and after talking to the manager, who did the menu, he agreed that it was confusing.

After the extensive discussion of the menu, the manager sent over a this, coconut water with fresh coconut. It was refreshing.

Since they don't serve from the lunch menu on the weekend anymore, I decided to try a noodle soup. Pork Ribs Noodle Soup (9) was excellent, very rich and porky broth with nicely cooked noodles and tender pork. Watch out for bone splinters!

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