Saturday, December 24, 2016

Capital Grille Burlington

To continue my Christmas Eve tradition I headed out to the Capital Grille in Burlington for lunch. They normally are not open for lunch on a Saturday, so I thought this would work out fine.

Extra extra Dry Martini with a twist. (code for "Give me a glass of chilled gin"). The house made chips are a delight except there was a lump of partially cooked chips included.

Well, my lunch plans was a bit thwarted since they only served from the dinner menu, and I really didn't fancy a $50 steak for lunch, so I went with apps instead. First was the Steak Tartare. Nicely presented and delicious even if was as many onions and capers as there was meat. The toast was very dry. I was missing the raw yolk in the middle, a boiled egg doesn't really hack it.

WEDGE WITH BLEU CHEESE AND NUESKE'S BACON. "Cool, crisp greens accented with a nice, smoky flavor." There is a reason that this has survived on the steakhouse menu for ages. It's a classic, and the bacon was very good. Really enjoyable.

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