Tuesday, January 3, 2017

FuGaKyu Lynnfield

On this miserable and wet day, I wanted some comfort food to cheer me up. FuGaKyu in Lynnfield isn't the first place that springs to mind when mentioning comfort food but I haven't been here for a really long time, and they have some really excellent and reasonable priced offerings on their lunch menu.

The restaurant is very elegant, and the big windows let in a lot of light, even on an overcast day like today. What is the world coming to? This is the second Miso Soup that has had in a short time that actually tastes of something.

The CURRY KATSU DON ($12) is excellent. "Deep fried chicken cutlet with Japanese style curry over rice." The curry is rich and dark with a really intense curry taste, and the dish is even better if you get a crispy pork cutlet instead of the chicken one. The service here is always impeccable.

The ice skating rink is ready and just waiting for the rain to let up.

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