Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Branch Line Watertown

I have been eager to visit Branch Line in Watertown since I heard that they started serving lunch and today was the day.

It's a gorgeous place with an open kitchen in the back. But the parking, oh the parking! There is a free parking garage nearby, but it was lying about available spaces. I was lucky to find a space on my way down.

Nice table setting and you get some of Iggy's excellent crusty bread with a really palatable dipping oil.

They are famous for their chicken, so I went for the Quarter Rotisserie Chicken with Dressed Greens ($13). Me: do I need potatoes with this? Waiter: It's included. Me: I thought it only comes with the salad? W: No, it's included. Of course, it wasn't included. Branch Line offers Green Circle chickens (if you haven’t heard about them, read the NYT article). Seems like a good life to me. The chicken lived up to its hype and was outstanding, moist and tender and well seasoned even if it could have done with a little bit less salt. The dressed greens were nice even if the dressing was on the tart side. I also got a spoon and had to ask the waiter what it was for? For the drippings he said. 

Address 321 Arsenal Street, MA 02472
Phone number 617.420.1900

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  1. Fwiw, they've been serving lunch for about two years.