Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Buffalo Wild Wings Saugus

It's half priced wings again, and I decided to change things up a bit and headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus. Thank god for the GPS, what a convoluted location to get to.

The interior looked pretty much the same as the Burlington location. It didn't exactly get busy at lunch today.

No surprises in the bar area.

The wings! CARIBBEAN JERK. "An excellently exotic sauce: red peppers you love: island spices you crave." I love a good jerk chicken, and this one was up there with the best. I also love that you can order flats only. I might just have imagined this, but I thought the wings here was juicer than the Burlington location.

Here is the Chipotle BBQ. "A blend of fire-roasted chipotle pepper and BBQ flavors." Not very spicy but really tasty and this preserved the crispy skin on the wings. The rub application was definitely better here. I took a chance and ordered them extra crispy, I was afraid that they would be dry, but there were just fine. This is the way to go.

And then we have the Classic Buffalo Wing that is just called MEDIUM on the menu. "Classic wing sauce: perfectly balanced, comfortably hot." The sauce is excellent, and have just the right amount of heat for me. The server was excellent, and I even got extra celery and carrots with my leftovers. Fifteen wings come to $8 and I had a full rewards card, so my total was $3 something.

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  1. I was just checking to see if they still offered their half price wing Tuesdays and found this article ... https://www.thestreet.com/story/14249478/1/buffalo-wild-wings-can-t-fool-real-chicken-wing-lovers-with-boneless-swap-analyst-says.html

    1. Thanks for the update. This will not fly with me. To bad, I really liked their sauces.