Friday, April 14, 2017

Charcoal Guido's Waltham

When I was at Charcoal Guido's in Waltham the last time I noticed something on the lunch menu that I have never heard of, so today I used the GoPapaya app to reserve a table to get a hefty 25% discount.

I really dislike parking on Moody Street since there are no marked spaces, and you can easily be boxed in. They only do lunch Thurs-Sat.

The tables are pretty close together, but I guess that when you only have so much space, you need to pack em in.

And the strange dish was the CHEF’S PIADINA (12). "Parma proscuitto, arugula, parmigiano and EVOO". It turns out to be cooked pizza dough wrapped around a filling. It was tasty, and the dough here is very savory. The included salad was fresh with a tasty dressing.

Closeup of the Piadina. With the GoPapaya discount and rewards, I actually made money today even when leaving a $2 tip.

Download the GoPapaya app on the Apple store or Google Play store and create an account using the invitation code "PET8456". After your first meal out on GoPapaya, they'll send you a $10 Amazon gift card plus you save up to 50% off your meal!

Address 482 Moody Street, Waltham, MA 02453
Phone number (781) 373-2733


  1. Have you tried the Chestnut Street Parking Lot?

  2. Thanks, didn't know about it. Will check on my next trip.