Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Maya Indian Grill Wakefield

I had a very satisfying lunch buffet at Maya Indian Grill in Wakefield on my first visit.

I have been participation in their FB Friday Quiz and managed to win a voucher that I could use for the buffet.

Slightly out of focus, sorry about that. The Egg Curry was very good even if the eggs was slightly overcooked. The Chicken Biriyani was very good and noticeably spicy. The Malai Kebab was marinated chicken cooked in the tandoori oven, and it was very well seasoned. The Pakora was very tasty but cold. Beans Poriyal was good with the beans not being overcooked, and the dish had some crunch that turned out to be lightly fried dals. The Chana Masala was also nicely seasoned. On my second visit, I even tried the Chicken Tikka Masala, and the sauce was very good, but the chicken was dry. I'm very happy with this lunch buffet since they are not holding back on the spices.

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