Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Origin Thai Bistro Tewksbury

Since I was in the area, it was convenient to stop at Origin Thai Bistro in Tewksbury for some lunch on a pretty nice Wednesday.

Lunch specials include a small salad with a nice dressing, not your normal orange stuff.

I went with the Fish Spicy Fish **** ($8.95). "Lightly battered cod and stir fried ground fresh chili and bell pepper with garlic sauce on a bed of fresh steamed vegetable". Four stars it wasn't, maybe two, and I had told the waitress that spicy was fine with me. Not sure what "fresh steamed vegetables" means, but I got cabbage, carrots and broccoli. The vegetables were cooked well, and still had some crunch, so that was good. The fish was cooked nicely and was still moist.

Not much you can do with a square room. They did a brisk takeout business at lunch time. I got charged $9.95, and that was corrected when I pointed it out.

I went back a couple of weeks later and found out that the prices have gone up. My fish dish is now $9.95. This time I ordered the Matsaman Curry with pork ($7.95). "Your Choice of protein simmered in coconut milk with red chili paste with an addition of Persian spices, tossed in with potatoes, carrots, onion & roasted whole peanut. This curry has a slightly tangy sour taste from tamarind juice". I thought it was a spelling error but it's spelled the same way online. I ordered it extra spicy and this time it was really spicy. Wicked busy today.

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