Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Porch Wakefield

I wasn't going to write another blog post about The Porch in Wakefield, but lot's of stuff are happening.

They had complaints about the big smoker so that one is now renting space on the other side of the town. The little Weber was going today,

New on the menu is Crab Cakes, both as a sandwich and as a platter. I went with the Platter ($19), with two sides and it comes with a really tasty Old Bay Tartar sauce. My first side was, of course, the Mac & Cheese that is outstandingly good and the second, a new side, Buttermilk Cucumber salad. I don't like buttermilk but took a chance and it paid off. The dressing was very light with just a trace of buttermilk. A very refreshing side that I really liked. The crab cakes were 100% crab with a very light binder and a complete absence of fillers. They might seem expensive, but they were BIG and really tasty. Crab cakes don't come much better than this.

New menu as of last week. Next time I'll try the Nashville Wings with a side of Mac & Cheese, that should be a delightful lunch for me.

They recently started selling grits and mayo. I haven't tried either, but if Jonathan is selling them, they should be good. The new line cook can be seen in the background. Everything, except the BBQ, is cooked to order and the prices are including tax.

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