Saturday, August 12, 2017

Rusty Can Byfield

Rusty Can in Byfield is situated just before Newburyport at exit 55, and it's not that long of a drive from home, but good grief does Rte 95 become monotonous after the split!

They are located just off the exit, and there is plenty of parking. The "Old No 72" is in honor of a fallen comrade.

Who can pass up Smoked Wings (8)? I picked the Cajun that comes with either Blue Cheese Dressing or Ranch. Since I don't like ranch, the choice was easy. The Blue Cheese dressing was good but didn't really go with the Cajun Wings. The wings were smokey and juicy with a really excellent rub that had a hint of heat. While the skin wasn't crisp, neither was it flabby.

Plates come with White Bread, Corn Bread & Honey Butter, Pickles & Onions and two sides. I picked Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese for my sides. The Collard Greens was the real deal, cooked well with a vinegary tang. The M&C was creamy and seasoned well, and you got shells. The cornbread was tasty and really light with a savory butter. There was no sliced brisket on the menu, but it was available when asked for. I asked for slices from the fatty end and got that, and it wasn't overly fatty, but very tender with a nice rub and a proper smoke ring and seasoned well. This is the real deal folks. I put my two leftover slices on the scale, and it was almost 8oz left. The ribs were excellent, really tender and super meaty with a light bark and a nice rub. They might be borderline too much fall off the bone but avoided becoming mushy. I think traditionally you are supposed to make a sandwich with the meat, the white bread, onions and pickles, but I pass on that. Two meats were 17, and three was 20. Might have made sense to go with three for only $3 more, but I have enough leftovers as it is. What's with all the BBQ restaurants popping up on the North Shore? I'm not complaining, you can never have too much BBQ. Both my pictures of the inside was blurry, but if you imagine an old bar that serves food, you got it. Except this place was spotless on the inside.

They are next to a biker club, that was getting ready for a big meet.

Address 6 Fruit Street Byfield, MA 01922
Phone (978) 462-1204

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