Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Cafe Chelmsford

Went back and tried the Biang Biang Mian (Hand pulled noodles) with chili oil and garlic and cayenne pepper again. I took off 1/2 of the tablespoon of raw garlic that was on top and it was still garlicky enough to keep the vampires away for a week. I also asked if he toned down the spiciness for us non Asian and he assured me that it's the same for everyone unless you ask for it spicier.

This time I didn't waste time looking for the start of the noodle since it's basically one noodle in an Escher-ish way but cut into the noodle and started slurping, actually started chewing. The chewiness of the noodle and the garlic and chili oil makes this such a nice and different meal. Despite its look it's not that spicy apart from the raw garlic part.

In red is the Chinese way of writing Biang Biang Mian, one of the most complicated characters according to Gene. He's such a nice guy and loves to talk about food.

Thought of the Day.
I love it when a place is filled with natives of the cuisine.
I hate it when I have no clue what they are talking about.

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