Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mughals Burlington

Went to The Mughals in Burlington for lunch today and I decided to try the takeout version. You get two Styrofoam containers and Naan and I asked for Garlic Naan. I really like Naan but rarely eat it at a buffet since I rather fill up on the good stuff.

The container to the left with the fish is supposed to be for the dessert, so I might have cheated a bit here? Anyway, the Malabar Fish Curry in it was excellent. Chicken Schezwan Rice was just OK should have stuck with only the roasted potatoes (above). Kind of silly to take up space with roasted potatoes but I really like them so there! Dhaba Chicken is sitting atop one of today's winners, American Corn Pepper Salt. This was crunchy corn coated with salt and pepper and it was really delicious! I forgot bottom left, another winner, Crispy Hot Garlic Chicken. This was a crispy chicken in a spicy garlicky sauce with onions. It did stay sort of crispy even in the sauce, not sure how that works. Tandoori chicken was as usual excellent. I think people tend to forget that you can add another layer of food in the container that will be covered by the top.
I really like this place (can you tell?) since it's so nice to go to a buffet that has 1. Spicy food and 2. New stuff that I haven't seen or tried before. The Corn and the Garlic Chicken  was new to me and were really really nice. The Chicken Tikka Masala wasn't even present today and neither was the Veg Samosa but they had Gobi 65 instead that looked good (don't like Cauliflower).

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